About the Artist

erika quiroz children's illustrator

As an seasoned Illustrator and Designer in educational publishing, my work has appeared in titles by Kaplan, Harcourt, McGraw-Hill, Pearson, and is featured on the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics “Illuminations: Resources for Teaching Math” website.  My art is a pathway to intellectual adventure, through which otherwise difficult material is transformed into an exciting challenge; and my characters are the partners children need to embrace it.

When I studied at Carnegie Mellon University, I majored in Creative Writing.  My love for language grew into a passion for the visceral, instinctive language of the eye.  I use this language to speak to others in a voice of compassion, kindness and peace. Luscious, bold and free, my work is the living platform from which I grow my art into a transformative tool to empower and open doors.  The warmth and natural humor woven throughout all of my illustrations draws smiles and laughter from those who see them, and teaches a new kind of communication based on kinship and grace.  The openness it encourages is the cornerstone of new work meant to feed a world hungry for connection and peace.

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